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Public-Private Partnership (PPP)


A public private partnership (ppp) is the delivery of a public service, generally financed and managed by a partnership between a government and one or more private enterprises. the growing needs of populations in infrastructure and the scarcity of public financial resources bring more governments to join the private sector for the implementation of major projects, mainly infrastructure. nowadays, governments promote ppps for the design, implementation and operation of several public services (hospitals, schools, roads, etc.). these partnerships require from policy markers a comprehensive knowledge of rules of ppp for the management of risks and accountability. this seminar aims to acquaint policymakers with the complexities associated with implementing this type of partnership, allowing them to understand the structure, FUNDING  arrangements and management of ppp in order to derive maximum benefit for their people. at the end of the seminar, participants would have had a good understanding of ppp, which would allow them to negotiate this type of partnership.


CESS Institute organizes training on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in order to help executives of public administration in their search, development and negotiation of this type of partnership.


The topics discussed are:

  • Design and structure of a PPP project
  • Finding private partners
  • Designing the financial aspect of a PPP project
  • Contract negotiation
  • Project management of a PPP project