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Study on the harmonization and improvement of agricultural statistics systems of the Member States of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)


Adopted in 2001, the WAEMUAgricultural Policy has the overall objective to contribute in sustainable ways to the satisfaction of population food needs, to the economic and social development of Member States and to the reduction of poverty, especially in rural areas. In order to enable the monitoring and evaluation of the Agricultural Policy and to provide decision support in all areas, the WAEMU Commission has decided to implement the Regional Agricultural Information System (SIAR). This will cover the needs of all stakeholders and will be organized in four main components: (i) the information system for the channels control, (ii) the information system on agricultural markets within the common market (iii) the information system on food security, and (iv) the information system for international agricultural negotiations. To conduct this project, the WAEMU Commission was accompanied by FAO.




The main objective of this project was to propose to the WAEMU Commission an efficient and effective collection and processing of agricultural statistics of Member States.


The specific objectives are to:

  • • Update the assessment of collect and analysis systems of agricultural statistics of countries member States;
  • • Propose a regional program of harmonization of national data collection tools and analysis of agricultural statistical data;
  • • Identify resources and tools for sustainable implementation of this program;
  • • Analyze the terms of a synergy between the strategy to be defined and the SIAR strategy;
  • • Develop a regional strategy of the development of statistical Agricultural and Food;
  • • Develop a regional action plan of the implementation of the strategy and methods of implementation.


Services provided by CESS

  • • Research and compilation of data and information available in the Member States of the WAEMU;
  • • Data and information analysis and processing;
  • • The preparation of an interim report presenting the methodology and preliminary results of investigations and key recommendations;
  • • The presentation of the findings and recommendations of the study to the regional validation workshop;
  • • The preparation of a final report.


Results achieved

  • • Updating the devices of data collection, processing, analysis and dissemination in the agricultural sector of Member States;
  • • Proposal for regional program of harmonization of tools for agricultural data collection and analysis;
  • • Identification of resources needed to implement this program;
  • • Development of regional action plan for implementation of the strategy