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About us

CESS institute (Center of Experts for Services and Solutions) is an independent applied research institute on development and poverty reduction issues. Our mission is to bring to our clients «a new development vision » both at the theoretical and operational levels.


Our vision centers itself around three main pillars:

  • Applied research : The Apllied Research department provides operational answers to development and poverty reduction related questions, by creating a collaborative research condusive environment for researchers and specialists from both developing and industrialized countries;
  • Training : The Training department aims to support our clients to strengthen their technical capacity and skills through capacity building seminars and professional workshops;
  • Technical assistance : The Operation department main purpose is to provide technical assistance to our clients.

Through these pillars, CESS Institute offers to its clients, operational tools for a sustainable economic and human development.


CESS Institute ensures the sustainability of projects and programs by incorporating the financial system and Information Technologies as supporting tools. Hence, we are innovating by combining three key sectors required for a successful sustainable development:


CESS Institute's approach is based on best international practices and standards for Managing for Development Results (MfDR) and development project management.


CESS Institute, given its flexible organizational structure, is able to focus fully on any country’s specific needs and to provide it with all the support required to achieve its development objectives.


CESS Institute guarantees that its experts have both comprehensive academic backgrounds, but also longstanding field experiences. Thus, the Institute can ensure a continuous transfer of knowledge to a country’s public and private administrations both at the operational and theoretical levels.


CESS Institute’s headquarters is in Quebec, Canada:

  • CESS Institute

    225-3055 boulevard wilfrid-hamel,

    Québec, Canada g1p 4c6

    Tél: +1 418 914 2120 (mobile) +1 418 264 1970

    Fax: +1 418 914 3530

    Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.